No. WeDothankyou is FREE to sign up to all engaged couples.

Yes. Each gift category needs a designated dollar amount.

Your profile will terminate 6 weeks after your wedding date.

Clients can log onto their WeDothankyou profile and click on "Gifts Received" to privately see the name of the giver and dollar amount given to their wedding registry. Also, an email confirmation will be sent with the Giver's name and dollar amount of the gift.

Yes. Your profile and gift category amount can be changed at any time.

Couples who register on WeDothankyou enter their secure banking information and processed through Stripe payment processing.

The first deposit will take 7 days, but after that, the money will come in every 2 days on a rolling basis.

A transaction fee from Stripe (2.9% + .30) will be applied to each gift to process the payment and a 5% fee is applied for WeDothankyou's operating costs. (Example: $20 gift and the total amount received $18.12)

A person can donate any dollar amount but the minimum dollar amount is $1.

All people who give a 'Gift' will receive a 'Thank You' note from the couple.

No. There is no additional fee to the giver who donates.

Yes. Each time you donate money you will receive an email confirmation with payment amount.

Individuals are allowed to 'Gift' a certain amount each year without penalty. However, since we are not tax professionals please advise your local accountant or CPA.

Contact WeDothankyou for further questions.